Implementing A Migraine Diet To Find Relief

Migraine sufferers will tell you that there is no pain like that of a migraine headache. An episode can mean hours or even days of incapacitation and symptoms that include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light, noise, and smell. The triggers of a migraine may be different for each person but their suffering is the same, as is their desire to find effective treatment that will alleviate – or even prevent – migraines. Because of the prevalence of these debilitating headaches, ongoing research focuses on finding those lifestyle changes that will give relief to migraine sufferers; one such lifestyle change is the implementation of the migraine diet.
There are a number of different causes of migraine headaches; some of the more common causes include exposure to smoke, excessive caffeine, red wine consumption, high levels of stress, hormone fluctuations, inadequate sleep, and particular foods such as those that contain additives or preservatives. There has been a growing body of evidence that suggests that a migraine diet focused on the eating of whole, natural foods and the elimination of highly processed foods can effectively diminish, and sometimes eliminate, migraine headaches.
In addition to caffeine and red wine – both serious offenders when it comes to migraine headaches – there is also research that shows that chemical additives found in a variety of foods greatly add to the possibility of migraine headaches. Some other standouts include dairy foods, nut products, chocolate, processed meats, and alcohol.
Not every food product will trigger a migraine headache. But until a migraine sufferer can pinpoint their particular causes, it is best to practice a migraine diet that effectively eliminates those foods associated with migraines. In the meantime, a migraine sufferer would do well to keep a migraine journal that documents the frequency and details surrounding their episodes. If there is a noticeable pattern of foods that trigger a migraine headache then a personalized migraine diet can be constructed for that particular sufferer.
There are a variety of treatments available today to bring relief to those who suffer from migraine headaches. A migraine diet can be a first step in the ongoing battle against migraine headaches.
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