What Are The Causes Of Migraines?

If you can just figure out what is triggering that migraine, you should be able to stop it before it starts, right? Unfortunately, migraines aren't caused by any one thing, so it can be hard to pinpoint the trigger for your particular case. Migraines have different classes, symptoms and durations. Even if you do find the cause, you may not be able to stop your migraines, since many people who suffer from this painful neurological disease have relatives that also are prone to migraines, which leads researchers to believe that it can be inherited.
Despite the indications that many migraines are hereditary, doctors aren't sure of the cause. It could be an electrical or chemical brain malfunction, but it could also simply be a hereditary condition.
No matter what causes a migraine, sufferers will begin to realize that certain things will cause them to develop an attack. These things, called triggers, will not all cause migraines in each individual, but one or more of them will probably trigger your migraines. Discovering the different triggers for your migraines is one of the most important things you can find out. After all, knowing which type of migraine you are prone to is not very helpful if you don't know why it is happening. Triggers are divided into several groups.
* Physical triggers are things related to your body, such as lack of sleep, over-exertion, being hungry for a long period of time, toothaches, hormone swings, or sinus pain.
* Psychological triggers are emotional stressors, such as shock, depression, anxiety and excitement.
* Environmental triggers are things in the outside world, such as smells, noises, strobe lights, bright sunlight, or weather changes.
* Food triggers are often caffeinated. The most common food triggers are chocolate, cocoa, coffee, Msg, alcohol, tanins, sweeteners and dairy products.
While there is no one single way a migraine can be triggered, if you can find out what triggers your migraines, you can often lessen the number of attacks you have. You may still have attacks for other reasons if you develop new things you are sensitive to, but having fewer attacks is a wonderful thing so why not make a start on that today?
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